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charity & conservation work

The aspect of my veterinary career that I find most rewarding and exciting is the opportunity to get out in the world and make a tangible difference to animals wherever they can be found. I have been fortunate in my career so far to combine my job with my love of adventure travel, and take my vet skills to far flung places. My first foray into international veterinary work was at age 19 when I visited India with the NGO Mission Rabies, to embark on a mass vaccination campaign of street dogs against the deadly virus. A spark was ignited which altered my course forevermore, and I have been grasping every opportunity that arises since. My work has taken me around the globe, from the sparkling coasts of Australia to the vibrant rainforests of Madagascar. 

When I started painting semi-professionally it didn't take long for me to make the decision to use my art to continue my support for the charities that I have worked with. Therefore, in addition to the WWF which needs no introduction, there are a number of veterinary and conservation based NGOs which I am proud to continue to support beyond the point at which I board my homeward flight. By donating a proportion of profits from sales of selected artworks, in addition to donating my time by volunteering out on the ground, real animals in need can be helped.

It is important to me that I don't just use the image of an animal for my own benefit - if I use a photographer's reference image I pay them, but the animal gets nothing. If I am to use their likeness then I want them to benefit in some way too. By donating a proportion of profits to these NGOs I know that the animals are getting a form of payment; whether it be helping to fund veterinary care that directly helps them, or conservation projects that benefit the species or ecosystem on a wider level. 


So if you want to see where your money is going once you decide to become one of my collectors, take a look below. 

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